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About the Weslan Inn

Our goal is to provide to our guest a private, romantic and intimate luxury environment to relax and dine in. To give to you our best personal service and have Weslan Inn give you the setting for a complete and unforgettable and relaxing experience. The Weslan Inn is the perfect place for:


  • making that special first night of a honeymoon a life long memory.
  • couples taking the time to rekindle the flame on an anniversary.
  • those seeking a deeper and closer bond in their relationship.

The arch in the upstairs hall is known as the Wedding Arch. We hope the future will bring others to make that special commitment to marriage or renewal of vows also. We ask all our guests to take a minute under the arch and feel the positive aura of the building, to tell each other of the love they have, to contribute more positivity into the Inn.


Our History


Our heritage home was built in 1844 to be the home of local shipbuilder and sea captain, Mr. George Marr. He was a local legend, who at the age of 80 was witnessed walking 12 miles to his son's farm where he helped pitch "on and off" two loads of hay and then walked back home.


The Marr's immigrated from Scotland in 1789 and were responsible for building many sailing ships here in St. Martins. Our suites are named after ships built by the family. The property was completely renovated in 1996 and is part of a 110-acre parcel of land that is also known as The Willows.